Building our Future

The Building Our Future strategic initiative will make significant investments in prevention and the long term well-being of our population.

Six action areas have been identified:

  • Expand Programming for Children and Youth
  • Encourage Healthy Choices and Address Addictions
  • Implement Phase II of the Framework for Action on Family Violence
  • Strengthen Continuum of Care for Seniors
  • Enhance Support for the Voluntary Sector
  • Increase Safety and Security

Investing in children and youth is a key part of our plans. Through this initiative, early childhood development and youth programs will be expanded. Actions are also planned to help address the challenges faced by the caregivers of our residents with special needs.

To promote healthy and active living amongst children and youth and the broader population, health promotion and prevention activities will be expanded under the existing Healthy Choices Framework.

Action will also be taken to address addictions. We will work to improve awareness of aftercare services available in communities and establish community treatment options for youth and adults in each region.

We will continue to implement Phase II of the Framework for Action for Family Violence which includes significant investments in stabilizing services and enhancing community programming.

We will support the continuum of care for Seniors by investing in training for home support worker and resident care aides and the operation and maintenance of supported living facilities for seniors.

Significant investments are also planned to improve people’s sense of safety and security in their homes and in their communities. This will include expanding policing and emergency services and taking steps to reduce alcohol and drug related crime and address chronic offenders.

We will also update and refocus our Volunteer Support Initiative Action Plan and take steps to improve support for the voluntary sector.