Reducing the Cost of Living

The Reducing the Cost of Living strategic initiative addresses the reality of high costs of living in the NWT. The actions under this initiative all aim to help manage the cost of living in the short term and alleviate some of the pressures on cost in NWT communities in the long term.

The four actions identified are:

  • Improve Shelter
  • Improve Transportation Access to Communities
  • Address Factors that Impact the Cost of Goods
  • Support Individuals and Families

To improve the quality and cost of shelter, we will invest in new construction and expand funding available through existing home ownership repair programs.

To address energy costs alternative energy like hydro and natural gas will be pursued. We will also continue to invest in programs that encourage residents to reduce their energy use.

Substantial infrastructure investments will be made to improve transportation access to and better connect communities.

We will undertake a review of utility rates and regulations and examine approaches to lowering utility costs. Public consultation on any revisions or proposed changes to the rate structure will be an important element of this work.

To support individuals and families, we will move forward with the next steps in implementing the GNWT’s new income security framework. This will include reviewing and aligning the Public Housing Rental Subsidy and the Seniors and Persons with Disability Income Security Programs with the new Income Security Model.