Achieving Our Priorities

A mid-term report on the GNWT’s major achievements that support the 17th Assembly’s priorities.

Consistent User Experience

Provides the web standards for the look and feel of all GNWT websites.

Executive Council Submissions Handbook

Grants and Contributions Guide

A guide to a compilation of information for ongoing grants and contributions offered by the Government of the Northwest Territories.

Legislative Process

Members of the Executive Council Handbook

Negotiated Contracts Annual Report

Procedures and Formats for the 18th Assembly

Public Committees, Boards, and Councils Handbook

This handbook provides information on the membership of public committees, boards, and councils in the NWT, as appointed in whole or in part by the Legislative Assembly, Executive Council, Minister or Commissioner.

Responding to the Priorities of the 17th Assembly Activity Tracker

The Responding to the Priorities of the 17th Assembly Activity Tracker reports specific activities undertaken by the GNWT to advance the priorities established by the 17th Legislative Assembly. This report covers the period between October 1, 2014 and March 31, 2015.

Ministers’ Meetings With Outside Parties

Ministers Meetings With Outside Parties is published on a quarterly basis to promote continued transparency.

Ministerial Travel Reports

Home Travel